domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

Our Projects in 'Coche Actual' Magazine

Final Project: Presentation Day

Final Project: Seat Technetium Video

Final Project: Seat Technetium Interior

The Seat Technetium interior is the result of combining flowing forms, dynamism, and Hi-Tec appearance. These aspects offer an unprecedented level of symbiosis between exterior and interior shapes. The essence is a highly interactive interior between the driver and the vehicle, exchanging feelings, information and emotions.
To improve the driving experience and emphasize the sportive feeling of the vehicle, the structure of the interior is based on two passenger seats and one centered driving seat.

Steering wheel, multi-purpose screens, tactile dashboard and button, the objective is to make the driving experience more exciting, comfortable and practical.
The seats consist of a unique piece made with nano-coated textile and a carbon-fiber shell.
The air system is based on air ducts that blows the air to the diffusers located on the shoulder parts of the seats.
The idea of the dashboard is to involve the driver and the passengers creating a sin
gle space with a fluid and dynamic sense.